Julius Katchen - Much left to do, but the song ended early.

Julius Katchen With Alfred Wallenstein And The L.A. Phil. Play Music Of Brahms 1965 – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Julius Katchen - Much left to do, but the song ended early.

Julius Katchen – Much left to do, but the song ended early.

Julius Katchen, Piano – Los Angeles Philharmonic – Alfred Wallenstein, cond – Hollywood Bowl – August 10, 1965 – Part 1

Julius Katchen, Piano – Los Angeles Philharmonic – Alfred Wallenstein, cond. – Hollywood Bowl – August 10, 1965 – Part 2

A classic and rare concert this week. The Los Angeles Philharmonic, conducted by their former Music Director Alfred Wallenstein and featuring the legendary (and short-lived) pianist Julius Katchen in music of Brahms – recorded live at The Hollywood Bowl on August 10, 1965 – never before broadcast and long-lost for decades until it was rediscovered.

Julius Katchen was a highly regarded Pianist, whose very few Brahms recordings are highly prized collectors items (as original lps) and much appreciated reissues as CD‘s.

Sadly, Katchen, who died of Cancer in 1969, didn’t live to complete many of the projects he started out to do. Subsequently, there are few of his commercial recordings around, because he made very few to begin with. Luckily, over the years, live and broadcast performances have surfaced, like this one – to remind people what a unique and tremendous artist he was.

This concert, part of the Hollywood Bowl season in 1965, is the customary All-Brahms Night. It starts with the orchestra playing the Academic Festival Overture. And then Julius Katchen joins in for a performance of the Piano concerto number 1. And finally, for the second half – the orchestra concludes the concert with a performance of the Symphony Number 2.

Because it was a long concert – the first half makes up the top player (Academic Festival Overture and Piano Concerto No. 1) and the second half takes up the bottom player with the Second Symphony.

A very rare, and like I said, never-heard-before concert that has been long-thought lost since it was recorded. You get to hear it here first – as this was just digitized earlier today. So you get to hear it for the first time.

Enjoy – relax, and tell your friends.

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4 Responses

  1. fremaux123 says:

    This is a rare and great concert. Katchen was not only a real virtuoso but a real musician. All is Brahms performances have to be treasured !!THX a lot.

    • gordonskene says:

      My pleasure – this was one concert that was long-thought lost and I was just happy to have been able to find it. So glad you liked it!

  2. Bouchendhomme says:

    My warmest danks for sharing with us this very moving and intense moment . I profoundly admire Julius Katchen and I am always very happy and grateful to discover a new gem concerning him. He was dearly loved by the Parisian music lovers and we still miss him.
    Cordial Greeting
    Claire, (Paris/France)
    PS : but what about the quality of the piano on which Julius Katchen performs ….!

    • gordonskene says:

      Hello Claire – Many kind thanks for your lovely comments. I try to uncover new and “lost” recordings and share them with people who would enjoy them – I am so glad you discovered this one. As for the piano – well, it was outdoors – and Summer in Los Angeles can do strange things to tuning.
      Best regards,