Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead - Making Music because they have to.


Blonde Redhead
Blonde Redhead – Making Music because they have to.

Blonde Redhead – Live at SOS 4.8 2016 – Murcia,Spain – May 7, 2016 -RNE Radio 3 –

Continuing our sampling of music from the latest SOS 4.8 festival in Murcia Spain this year. Indie/Alt stalwarts Blonde Redhead were a highlight of the proceedings this past Sunday (May 7), playing to a sold-out audience and adding one more layer of sonic icing on an already extraordinary cake for this Spring Festival season.

Together since 1993; starting off heavily influenced by Noise Rock, the band honed and refined their sound during the following years to become of the more highly regarded bands coming out of Brooklyn in recent years.

Consisting of twin brothers Simone and Amadeo Pace on drums and lead guitar respectively, they added mesmerizing rhythm guitarist/vocalist Kazu Makino as the result of a chance meeting in an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn. The Pace Brothers originally hailed from Milan Italy, but grew up in Montreal Canada, later moving to Boston to study Music before settling in Brooklyn. Kazu was born in Kyoto, Japan and settled in New York to study Art. The meeting created a trio, and the rest is history.

Their latest album, BarragĂ n is their ninth and was released in August of 2014. As with all of their work, its been well-received and this latest tour has been in support of it. Aside from appearing in Murcia this past week, they are slated to head back to the States for a tour, hitting both coasts, before heading back to Europe in July and a string of dates in Italy.

An exciting band, with a wonderfully engaging and layered sound – their influences are numerous. Aside from getting their music in films, TV and commercials, Blonde Redhead are one of those bands whose following is strong and dedicated. They may not be the powerhouse hit-makers some bands want to be – but they are very committed to honest music, presented in an adventuresome and spellbinding way. And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

If you aren’t familiar with them – here’s a good place to start. Although there are some sound problems towards the end of the set, making for a dandy low frequency buzz during the last couple of songs – I suspect there were problems on stage and not coming from RNE Radio 3’s usually fine transmission. Otherwise, it’s a good mix and certainly should set you in the direction of making discoveries of this amazing band on your own. Check out their 9 studio albums, tomorrow.

Get ready for the weekend.

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