Blossoms - when you name your band after a favorite pub, you must be doing something right.

Blossoms – when you name your band after a favorite pub, you must be doing something right.

Blossoms – live at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend – Exeter – May 29, 2016 – BBC Radio 1 –

More messages from Exeter this week. Blossoms taking the stage on May 29th and captured for posterity by BBC Radio 1 (mic malfunction and all).

I originally ran Blossoms earlier this year, via the Eurosonic Festival which took place in January. Lots of good word of mouth, a BBC Band on the rise for 2016 and predictions for a promising future.

Well, six months into it – they’ve already done SXSW, a stint on Later .. .with Jools Holland, and have been getting saturation airplay on BBC 6 Music. All that, and they are getting ready to hit the road on a huge world tour starting the middle of this month and going into September. I suspect after that will be a pile more dates between then and the end of the year. All signs of a band, not only the rise, but gathering a serious fan base.

This gig, from last week kicks off a big promotion ahead of the release of their debut album in August (which should come out right about the time they hit Rumania on their way to Tokyo). The promises of a bright future appear to be coming thick and fast.

And rightly so – Blossoms are a good, solid band with a lot to offer and a lot of broad appeal. As I said in my January post – they could very easily straddle the Mainstream world just as easily as the Indie world – and there’s nothing wrong with gaining fans and an audience from both.

Their concert is introduced by Huw Stephens, who has been a huge supporter of the band since day one. Since the band is from Manchester, it’s easy to compare what they’re up to with Madchester of a generation ago. Still, they have their own thing going, and the comparisons are only in the best way possible.

If you aren’t familiar with Blossoms, it’s time you check them out – either by way of this gig or the earlier Eurosonic gig from January – and check out their site. A lot of good stuff to be had and another band proving music continues to be in good places, contrary to what you may be hearing.

Crank it up.

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