PJ Harvey
What did we do before PJ Harvey showed up?

PJ Harvey In Session – John Peel’s 60th – 1998 – Past Daily Soundbooth

PJ Harvey

What did we do before PJ Harvey showed up?

The inimitable PJ Harvey tonight. In session for John Peel on the occasion of his 60th birthday and recorded on Sept 23, 1998 for BBC Radio 1.

Judging by the reviews of her latest batch of concerts, PJ Harvey has lost none of her magic on audiences and certainly has lost none of her edge.

Currently on tour, her first one in a while, she is confounding audiences as she has done throughout her career, always changing, always keeping it fresh as she’s done going on over 20 years now. And aside from her music, Harvey has added a successful career in acting as well as Poetry and sculpting. You could say, without any exaggeration, that PJ Harvey is something of a renaissance Woman.

This session is one of those intimate get-togethers, and the sixth session for John Peel since her first in 1991. And because it’s on the occasion of John Peel’s big Six-Oh, it’s a warm and endearing session with a lot of mutual admiration going on between the two.

Her last gig for this U.S. leg of the tour takes place tomorrow (August 18th) at the Shrine Expo Hall, which is a great place to see a concert, especially since it was the site of countless memorable concerts during the 1960s – she fits in quite nicely with the legends. After the L.A. gig she takes some time off and emerges in Denmark in October to begin the European leg of her tour.

If you missed her this time around, fingers crossed she comes back soon. If not, and in the meantime, here is a historic session featuring PJ Harvey from 1998. There are also a pile of albums of hers to grab if you haven’t already – her first album has been recently reissued.

Crank this one up and enjoy – it’s special anyway.

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