Julia Holter

Julia Holter - Exploring new horizons in Outer Sound.

Julia Holter
Julia Holter – Exploring new horizons in Outer Sound.

Julia Holter – in concert at Route du Rock 2016. Recorded August 16, 2016 by Arte Live.

I’ve heard bits and pieces of music by Julia Holter the past couple of years – but never really got a chance to sit down and listen to what she was doing. Come to find out, Julia Holter is a local (Los Angeles) – and more than that, she went to the same High School I did (Hamilton High in West L.A.) and the same College I spent a brief time in (CalArts). So, not only is she a local, I should be much more aware of her work. And I’ve been having a chance to listen to what she’s been up to, and I’ve become a fan.

She’s taken the model of Baroque-Pop (for want of a better term) and has expanded on it in a way that makes it completely engaging and unique. Nobody else is doing what she’s doing right now, and it’s refreshing to listen to.

And clearly she’s going in the right direction, based on the flood of positive reviews and critical impressions of late, particularly during this tour, promoting her latest album Loud City Song which was released only 4 days ago. Latest word, she was a huge hit at Greenman Festival in Wales a few days ago. She’s coming back to the West Coast to do two gigs towards the end of this (August) month. August 28th at the FYF Festival in L.A. and playing San Francisco and Sonoma on August 31st and September 1st respectively. And then she heads to South America for several gigs before flying back to Europe in October. Busy schedule. But she’s making fans and she has something to add to the rapidly expanding musical mix we’re going through right now.

Anyone who thinks music has become stagnant really needs to sit down and listen to this concert, as well as check out her material (she has two other albums out, aside from the new one).

I’m looking forward to what she’s going to come up with next. In the meantime, dive into her appearance at Route du Rock in St. Malo, and crank it up.

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