Julien Baker

Julien Baker - quietly mesmerizing a rapt audience.

Julien Baker
Julien Baker – quietly mesmerizing a rapt audience.

Julien Baker – live at Outside lands Music and Arts Festival – August 6, 2016 – Livestream

News faces tonight. Julien Baker has been creating a stir in recent months. The 20 year old singer-songwriter, establishing herself early-on as a member of the Memphis band Forrister has struck out on her own. With her debut album, Sprained Ankle, which came out last year and critically hailed Baker as an important breakthrough artist, Baker has been touring much of this year, spreading a tapestry of songs which fairly ache and dive-deep into the themes of loss, self-loathing and redemption. And she is capturing audiences with every appearance.

That Julien Baker the person has greatly influenced Julien Baker the artist is no coincidence. Queer, Southern and Christian, she carries a lot of weight of contradiction and perception around and a lot of experiences in the short amount of time she’s been on the planet.

But, as is the case with all writing – you write what you know about and what you’ve been through. And Julien Baker isn’t adverse to taking her audience on a guided tour of Planet Julien – carefully observing the vast emptiness and the overflowing richness of life.

Singing in an other-wordly voice, Baker paints pictures with a finely shaped brush – and it’s having a huge effect on audiences who have come into contact with her.

She’s right in the middle of a tour of the West Coast right now – appearing at the FYF Festival in Los Angeles this weekend, as well as the El Rey tonight (Thursday the 25th). From there she heads back East until later in November when she jets over to Australia for several dates. A busy schedule and audiences who are waiting with open arms.

If you haven’t been turned on to Julien Baker yet, here’s a good place to start – and while you’re at it, pick up a copy of Sprained Ankle and become acquainted with an exciting new talent.

Can’t wait to hear what’s in store.

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