Aurora – new face on the horizon – new sound from Norway.

Aurora, in concert at this years Lowlands Festival in The Netherlands, recorded by VPRO on August 25th of this year.

Aurora (full name: Aurora Aksnes) is a relatively new face on the scene. Just turning 20, she’s been around since 2012, but her debut ep was released only late this last year. Her debut album was released in March of this year and she’s been a regular fixture on the Festival stage this Summer promoting it and gathering a fanbase as the result.

Her ep won a huge nod of approval from the Press and she’s been regularly praised for her stellar songwriting abilities as well as her spellbinding voice.

She’s been making inroads to the U.S. audience, appearing in March of this year on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as well as Conan. So she’s no stranger to American audiences. The day she released her debut album she announced she had enough material to put out several additional albums, so she’s been working on a follow-up.

Tonight it’s one of the many successful appearances she’s made this Summer – the Lowlands audience is pretty typical of the reception she’s gotten so far this year, and it’s clear that Aurora is no one-hit wonder and from the sounds of it, she should be around for a good long time. A talented singer/songwriter with a tight band backing her up and a remarkable stage presence.

All crucial elements and all working in sync to her benefit. If you aren’t already familiar with Aurora, this concert is a good introduction – it’s one of many I plan on posting over the coming months, but I suspect there will be even more recent concerts and sessions coming from this extraordinary artist to enjoy and listen to over and over. If you are already familiar with the work of Aurora, this will serve as a reminder of the crop of new talent coming our way. Enjoy either way.

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