Vote Counting In Florida
Counting votes in Florida - it was okay to count by hand.

November 16, 2000 – Counting By Hand In Florida

Vote Counting In Florida

Counting votes in Florida – it was okay to count by hand.

November 16, 2000 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

November 16, 2000 – Election 2000 was still raging on. The vote was too close to call. It all boiled down to Florida. And as of this day, the Florida Supreme Court gave the go-ahead to begin counting votes by hand – every one of them.

Stating there was “no legal impediment to manual ballot recounts”, the Florida Supreme Court voted earlier on this day to allow the recount of ballots, including a huge number of ballots which were questionable. Some called it a victory for the Gore campaign, although it had nothing to do with the Secretary of State‘s ruling the previous night that she would no accept the results of these hand-counted ballots. They still needed a ruling from the court of the legality of her decision. The Bush campaign and the Gore campaign argued before Circuit Court Judge Lewis over Secretary of State Catherine Harris’s decision not to include late hand-count tallies when she certifies a final vote in the coming days. The Gore campaign was bolstered by the Supreme Court decision and were hopeful the Secretary of State would not try to impose other obstacles in the path of the count, and they hoped that the counties would complete those counts as quickly as was humanly possible. Bush Campaign officials claimed it did nothing more than to preserve the status quo. And that status quo was that, state officials acted pursuant to the law, honoring its deadlines.

At the time the Supreme court ruling was being argued, a hand-count was already underway in Broward County, and a count got quickly underway in Palm Beach county, with some 430,000 votes to go through. Sources disclosed it may take up to six days to finish the process, and even then some votes may not count.

And that was just a slice of what was going on, this November 16, 2000 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup: Late Edition.

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