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Thought Forms
Thought Forms – A heady shimmer of drone – an expansive soundscape of possibilities.

Thought Forms – Forget My Name – Invada Records – 2016 – from the album Songs About Drowning –

Thought Forms tonight – a band which comes highly recommended by our unofficial Bristol correspondent Mig Schillace, and for good reason. Their new album (their third) is one big beguiling sonic excursion – weaving in and out of Psych, noise and atmosphere, Thought Forms weave a compelling mixture of sound that makes this their best endeavor so far.

This track, Forget My Name, opens the album and it sets the tone immediately, weaving a luxuriant and heady shimmer of drone and soundscape. This is an album to spend time with by a band definitely to watch for.

I don’t know what their current touring schedule is – I do know they are slated to play The Louisiana in Bristol this month as well as a gig in Oxford. But they appear to be sticking close to home for the moment, but I think that may change, once word on the album gets out. They’ve been highly praised in the press as well as BBC 6 Music. So it’s a matter of time before they head out this (U.S.) way.

One thing that struck me is the label they’re on. Since I reinstated the Nights At The Round Table series, I have been running a number of tracks via artists signed to Invada Records – a small label, run by 5 people, whose mission is to offer good and worthy music – that’s it. A simple mission, yet one which has sadly eluded the major labels in recent years. I have been digging through their site as well as sampling their artists via Soundcloud and I have yet to find one artist that doesn’t exhibit real, substantial talent and unique vision. It points up to the fact that, the Music Industry is changing in ways that have stripped down the old business model and replaced it with a new, honest and vibrant one – a label that is about the music, rather than the accounting division.

Thought Forms is an excellent band – one with a future. Invada Records is the face of what the new Music Business is about. Both are exciting prospects – and both offer further proof that music is far from dead, it’s really not even asleep. It’s just been waiting for the right elements to fall into place.

Crank it up and support them – buy their new album, check out their older ones – visit Invada and check out who else is on their label. Lots of good things.

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