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Looking for Love and support
Looking for some love and support.

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We’re here with hat in hand, asking for your support, asking for your donation to help keep Past Daily up and running over the coming year. We’ve had some setbacks, and we’re trying to get caught up. Our site is ancient and needs to be redesigned – we’ve been carrying on since 2012 and we can no longer upgrade, and every day that goes by brings us closer to crashing and losing everything. The Archive has had to move to smaller vault space and that’s made it almost impossible to get access to everything we need in order to bring you all the posts filled with news and history.

History, as you all know is important – you only have to look around these past few months to know how important it really is. So is factual, honest, no-frills, no click-bait information you can use. And there’s all the Pop-Culture – all the Music, all the historic Top-40 – everything in one place for you to discover, enjoy and share – and we do it every day.

And all we need is your support – it doesn’t have to be a lot. $20.00 puts a smile on our faces and gives us hope. It’s all tax-deductible, so that should put a smile on your face come April 15th.

But the bottom line is; we’re here because you’re here. We’re here because you visit us every day – we’re here because you tell your friends and you share our posts with others. And we want to keep doing that – but we really need your help and we need your donations in order to do that.

We’re only here for 20 days – I don’t want to take up your time by bugging you, but we gotta do what we gotta do. Past Daily is important – the archive is important and your support is the most important.

Give what you can and tell your friends – let’s make this Fundraiser go viral. There’s a lot we can do and a lot more we can keep doing.

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