Past Daily Is In Trouble – Day 2

Who says we don't keep an eye on things?
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Day 2 – Looking For Your Contribution – Looking For Your Support

Most people have been avoiding the internet like the plague the past few weeks – you’ve stopped signing on to Facebook – don’t know where to get any news or information that’s important to you; decided to just stay away from the computer for a while. Can’t say as I blame you. Unfortunately, I really need your support right now. Past Daily has been a source of useful information, history and Popular Culture, all rolled into one website for the past, going-on five years. I have offered history in connection with events of today to give you some perspective and perhaps a bigger picture of how our world works. I’ve done it because I have always felt that history was important – knowing what happened in the past doesn’t make the present seem so unsure – and knowing that human nature is a constant and that it almost never changes is at least a comfort.

But right now I need your help. The site is old and needs to be revamped, and all the posts I’ve done since 2011 need to be moved over to a new, compatible format –  it’s a huge project. But it needs to be done within the next few months or the site won’t be able to continue. Even now, many features I used in the past are no longer available, and posting every day has become difficult, and in some cases impossible.

And that’s why I’m asking your support; your tax-deductible contributions to help keep us up and functioning. We are only going to be doing our Fundrasier for 20 days this time and so it’s critical to get as many of you to pitch in as we can. To help sustain this website and to keep it running, offering you the best of what we have, of what I’ve been collecting all my life, for you to enjoy, to discover and to share with others. I can’t do it alone – I need the help and support of all of  you, no matter how much or how little  you can afford to contribute – it’s all critical right now; every penny goes to the new website and maintaining the archive. i know there are a lot of you out there who have supported what Past Daily is all about, you have made your contributions and you’ve been a humbling and grateful help in the past. We can do it again, and with your help, fingers crossed, we’ll be here next year.

Please click on the link above or the link in the box down here and give what you can – $10.00 – $20.00 – $100.00 whatever amount you’re comfortable with – and grab a premium as a thank-you!

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