Janiva Magness

Janiva Magness - A smoldering intensity of Soul.

Janiva Magness
Janiva Magness – A smoldering intensity of Soul.

Janiva Magness – Who Will Come For Me – from the lp Love Wins Again – Blue Élan Records 2016 –

Janiva Magness tonight. Homegrown (but got started in Detroit) Soul with a touch of Blues from Janiva Magness, off her latest album Love Wins Again, which was released earlier this year. Magness has a jaw-dropping 12 albums to her credit, with a run going from 1991 to this year. Highly regarded in the Blues-and-Soul community and with awards for Entertainer of The Year, Song of the Year, and 25 nominations for Blues Music Awards – clearly, Janiva Magness is on to something.

It’s that pure tone, with an emotion that fairly aches which puts her several flights above the cadre of current-day belters who do the world of Soul no favors. Magness has a vision, and pulls it off with ease, and with a group of backing musicians who are just as turned on to the possibilities as she is. This latest album qualifies in the “all-killer-no-filler” category. Her heart and commitment to the cause of truth-in-music shine through on every track in no uncertain terms .

I don’t say all this because Janiva is a friend, and I’ve known her for years – although, when you know someone for a while, seeing them go through changes, weathering changes and taking advantage of changes is always a rare and enlightening adventure. I say it because she’s good at what she does – I say it because there isn’t a false note or intention in any of her music – and that’s what makes this album good for repeated listenings.

With 12 albums to her credit, you have no excuses not to pick up at least two albums, if you aren’t already familiar. She gigs on a fairly regular basis and has been touring much of this year, promoting Love Wins Again.

Tonights track is the last on the album, a haunting and heady Who Will Come For Me, – one of the standouts on an album full of standouts.

So I would suggest you head over to her site – JanivaMagness.com, check up on what she’s doing and where she’s headed. Grab a pile of albums, get on the mailing list and enjoy the hell out of her.

And I would turn this one up if I were you. Saturday night and all.

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