Past Daily Is In Trouble – Day 3

Gordon Skene
Gordon Skene – Just the face you want to see, staring at you in the bathroom mirror . . . .but it’s for a good cause.

Day 3 – Fingers Crossed.


Three days into it and it’s getting off to a slow start. The last thing you need to read about is another plea for money.  And you know, if it wasn’t important, if the life of Past Daily or The Gordon Skene Sound Collection didn’t depend on it, I wouldn’t be doing it.

Timing sucks, I will admit. But when Past Daily crashed the other day and it was revealed that the site itself is in bad need of an upgrade and that it could go down again, permanently, at just about any time, I got worried.

If Past Daily gets lost – if it vanishes and is no longer around, that means a site that provided everyone with history, factual information, news as it happened and events as they unfolded; Popular culture and people you may not have known about. Places you didn’t know existed – music you aren’t familiar with – will be gone.

And I don’t want that to happen. I have spent my life accumulating, sifting, discovering and sharing all this history and culture – Pop and High-brow and everything in between. A vast array of music. Interviews with people who made a difference – events in history that changed and shaped our lives. Reminders that we’re all on this planet and it’s a fragile place, with a lot of different opinions and ways of living – and that we come from different countries and don’t look at things the same way – that we somehow manage to make it work, as we always have and as we always will. Reminders that people are resilient, and that there are those among us who are in a constant state of struggle and that each day is evidence of hope – as it always has been.

I started Past Daily as a sort of reminder that everything that happens has happened before, in one way or another. Sometimes we’ve learned from the mistakes we’ve made and sometimes we haven’t. The worst thing you can do is not know. And the worst thing you can do in life is not care.

So that’s why I’m here and that’s why I need your help in order to stay here; to continue feeding your curiosity and to try and make some difference.

Not many days left, and a lot of road to cover. Your tax-deductible contributions will be a life-line to continue. I know we can do it. We can’t stop now.

Please click on the link in the box below and chip what you can. Grab a premium as our Thank-You. And accept our virtual-hug for your kindness.

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