Sandy Denny

Sandy Denny - after years with Fairport Convention, struck out on her own.

Sandy Denny
Sandy Denny – after years with Fairport Convention, struck out on her own.

Sandy Denny – In Session – October 1972 – BBC Radio 1 –

Sandy Denny to end the weekend. Her career began briefly with the semi-folk rock band Strawbs, before leaving and joining up with Fairport Convention. It was with that band that she established her career as one of the “Finest singer-songwriters in the UK”, according to several press accounts.

Leaving Fairport after a little over a year, Denny struck out on a solo career before forming the short-lived Fotheringay. After Fotheringay dissolved, she continued on her solo career and was heard in a duet with Robert Plant, The Battle Of Evermore, it was the only-ever guest vocalist appearance on a Led Zeppelin album.

But Sandy Denny had her fair share of tragedy – suffering what later was discovered to be a traumatic mid-brain hemorrhage, the result of falling and hitting her head on a concrete floor. She died on April 21, 1978.

This session comes around the time of her second album, Sandy which featured the majority of songs on the album composed by her.

A remarkable talent and a gifted songwriter that tragedy cut short. If you aren’t familiar, click on the player and introduce yourself.

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