happy dance

Doin' the Happy Dance!

Past Daily Is Back!!

happy dance
Doin’ the Happy Dance!

Minutes ago, I got word that Past Daily was back up and that the new and improved Past Daily was coming together quickly and nicely. A little fine-tuning here and there, but this is the new, improved Past Daily!

The one all of you who contributed and made happen! Everybody who chipped in had a part in the rescue effort and relaunch. I can’t tell you how exciting this all is. Finally – you get to see what Past Daily is all about – all the posts, everything searchable. A cool and elegantly constructed site that shows just how wide and varied Past Daily is; how eclectic it really gets around here and how much great stuff you have to listen to.

It could not have happened without your help, without telling your friends, without spreading the word, letting everybody know we needed your help and we needed your contributions, otherwise the site would be gone and none of this would be happening now and we would have lost the whole thing. I really shudder to think what would have happened, had the amazing team put the site together and the unbelievably amazing contributors who get to see for themselves what it was all about.

Like all changes of digs, I have to get used to the new furnishings – figure out what’s changed, what’s stayed the same – how big the graphics need to be – how much audio can I put up; all those things to figure out and work with.

But the bottom line – we’re back and we’re not going away again; we’re here to stay. Now all I have to do is play catch-up and get busy posting all the events that December is jammed full of.

It’ll be busy, the next week or so – but come back in the meantime and check out what you might have missed, the past 5 years.

Oh . . .and since we’re coming up on the last full day of the fundraiser . . . .

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