Watching and waiting
Watching and waiting. Waiting and watching.


Hours To Go

Last Full Day.  Here we are, the last full day of our Fundraiser. A lot has happened these last, almost 20 days. We started off slow, but hopeful. And then Past Daily crashed and we went from Fundraiser to Rescue effort, trying to save all our work from the past four years, and raise enough money to rebuild the Past Daily site. It’s been a barrage of appeals, asking for your support while we went through damage assessment, trying to figure out if everything was gone or if we could turn the disaster around.

It was  touch-and-go for a while, waiting for word – and your contributions started coming in; bit by bit.  I found out that all our files were safe – and in those few days had raised enough money to get everything transferred over to a safe place while we kept raising money to get the new site started.

Your help, contributions and kind words have been incredible – and they continue to be incredible, helping put us within reach of our goal.

We still have a bit more to raise – $500 actually. And we have only a few more hours to do that.

Right now, we’re in the finishing stages of the new (and vastly improved) Past Daily. Last night I started running tests to see if we were, in fact, back up. So far, so good – fixes, changes and tweaks here and there – adding a few things and doing more test runs before we go back to full-function. We should be completely up and running by the end of the day.

But we still need to finish paying for it – the Web Team have given 110% to turn this around; a few 24 hour days and a lot of finger-crossing and a lot of it on good-faith.

And that’s where you come in. I need to finish paying the team; paying for their hours, overtime and sleepless nights to get us back up and running. I know $500 may not seem like a lot – but when you’re stretched thin, taking care of all the other bills and coming up short, it’s a lot.

So while we’re still testing and fine-tuning, I’m asking for your help and support, these last few hours. Chip in what you can, it’s a tax-deductible – you can choose from a number of perks we still have left and you’ll be part of making a big difference.

We’re doing it. You’re making it all happen – just a whisper more to go.

Click on the link here – it will take you to our Indiegogo Fundraiser site where you can chip in:

Or – if you don’t want to do PayPal, you can go to our Non-Profit parent site, Fractured Atlas, and chip in there:

Donate now!

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