The Bangles

The Bangles - Would it have been the 80s without them? We think not.

The Bangles In Concert – The Ritz, New York – 1984 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

The Bangles
The Bangles – Would it have been the 80s without them? We think not.

The Bangles – in concert from The Ritz, New YorkWLIR-FM – September 28, 1984 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –
The Bangles this weekend. Live, in concert from The Ritz in New York and broadcast live over WLIR-FM on September 28, 1984.

One of those groups synonymous with the 80s, The Bangles were an L.A. band getting started around 1981 at a time when all-Female rock bands were coming into their own and not being considered oddities. They were responsible for a number of hits during that decade and, along with fellow Female Rockers, The Go-Go’s, blazed new trails for groups coming up after.

The Bangles being truly a group effort, each of the members contributed greatly to the success of the band. But it was Prince, who contributed one of their biggest singles Manic Monday, quickly followed by Walk Like An Egyptian that put the band over the top and straight into the mainstream.

This concert, coming on the heels of the release of their debut album for Columbia, All Over The Place, was also broadcast by local FM station WLIR as part of their promotion. Three years after forming, the band had already established themselves with a growing audience – no longer West Coast favorites.

Sadly, a few years after this concert, tensions within the band caused a major rift and by 1989 The Bangles would call it a day, at least until 1998 when they announced re-forming, and with the exception of bassist Michael Steele who left in 2005, have been continuing, recording and gigging since.

But if you missed them during their first incarnation – here is a reminder of what they were up to early on – their first gig in New York and their first album released. And nothing but the future ahead of them.

Enjoy – play loud and get festive.

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