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Everything But The Girl
Everything But The Girl – Husband and wife duo – but nobody knew.

Everything But The Girl – In Concert Paris Theatre – February 23, 1985 – BBC Radio 1

Everything But The Girl tonight. In concert at the BBC‘s Paris Theatre on February 23, 1985. The husband-wife duo of Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt have been characterized as “Sophisti-Pop” EBTG (as they are also known). They’ve had an impressive string of hit singles and albums during their tenure. Eight gold and two Platinum albums in the UK – one gold album in the U.S. – four top ten singles and twenty top forty singles. Initially, they were very much associated with the Jazz/Pop movement at the time – alongside acts like Carmel, Working Week, Style Council and Swing Out Sister. By the time of this concert, they moved away from that genre into a more traditional Pop style.

Dating from the release of their third album (2nd in the UK) in 1985, this concert signaled that change of direction with the addition of a guitar-bass-drums lineup and going after more Rock-oriented material.

It wouldn’t last long, and by 1986 returned to their trademark sound before jumping into Techno and excursions into Trip-hop.

They had a good and successful run – from 1982-2000. They are still technically together, but on extended hiatus. In the interim, they have pursued solo careers, with considerable individua success – as well as producing and collaborating with other artists on a wide range of projects -from working with Massive Attack to producing a Children’s album.

When asked if Everything But The Girl would ever get back together – Tracy Thorn has replied that they are nearly there – but, times and circumstances have changed – and they both have grown considerably musically in the years following the hiatus. So it’s possible – and there are still compilation albums being released, and a fan base which has been consistent and continuing over the years.

But to get a feel for what they were up to in 1985, here is that performance from The Paris Theatre, recorded by BBC Radio 1 on February 23, 1985.

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