Intergalactic Lovers

Intergalactic Lovers - from Brussels with love.

Intergalactic Lovers – Live In Brussels 2015 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders

Intergalactic Lovers
Intergalactic Lovers – from Brussels with love.

Intergalactic Lovers – Live at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels – March 23, 2015

Intergalactic Lovers in concert tonight. I haven’t been posting concerts and sessions from bands overseas lately. No reason; just distracted and spending a lot of time wrapped up in the 80s with bands I missed or forgot about.

But music is an ongoing thing – and there are new bands every day, new artists on the horizon and new and interesting sounds to be had in almost every corner of the world.

Tonight it’s Intergalactic Lovers, a band from Belgium who have been together since 2008 – have been on the fast track since their first single, Fade Away, released a year later, have been critically well-regarded and were awarded “Best Breakthrough Band” of 2011 via the Flemish Music Industry Awards.

A very engaging and thoroughly enjoyable band, fronted by Lara Chedraoui, whose mesmerizing voice is the perfect combination of ethereal and earth-bound; a voice which captivates as much as it sings with truth. No vocal pyrotechnics, no gimmicks – just purity of tone and heartfelt expression. It gives chills on occasion.

According to their webpage, they are currently working on a new album, so there are no gigs upcoming – at least until it’s released. As for touring – they’ve been sticking pretty much to Europe, and doing a few gigs in London last year. I don’t think they’ve done any U.S. gigs lately, or none that I’m aware of. They did come over in 2013 to play SXSW.

Judging from a few listens to this concert, I predict a long successful run for this band – they have a lot going on musically and I suspect they are not content to rest on any laurels. Just my hunch.

In any event – this is what’s happening in Belgium of late. Further evidence there is a world of music just waiting to be checked out. We ain’t alone – we never were.

Crank it up and enjoy. There’s more on the way.

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