The Orchids

The Orchids - Scottish melancholia.

The Orchids In Session – 1990 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Orchids
The Orchids – Scottish melancholia.

The Orchids – in session for John Peel – April 9, 1990 – broadcast May 8, 1990 – BBC Radio 1 –

The Orchids tonight. A Scottish Indie group, together from 1986 until 1995. They issued some 8 singles and 1 ep, along with three albums ( along with two posthumous albums and a new album during their reunion in 2010) and were initially regarded as a Melancholy guitar pop band before they branched off into electronica and sampling by the time they released their second and third albums. They were signed to the influential Sarah Records and were well regarded in underground circles, but mainstream popularity eluded them, as did making the charts.

Tonight it’s a session from relatively early-on. Still heavily influenced by guitar and melancholia, they did this session (one of two) for John Peel around the time of the release of Something For The Longing, which was their 5th single.

Because they came along at a time when Guitar-based bands were coming back into vogue, and because there was so much interest in the comings and goings of Madchester, The Orchids wound up getting lost in the shuffle, as was the case for many bands and still continues to be the case. They were a good, solid band who were unfortunately just a little undistinguished, which may account for the direction change to electronica.

After they called it a day in 1995, the group went their separate ways, only to return for a small reunion in 2004, playing together for the first time in almost 20 years. In 2014 they issued their 6th album via the Spanish label, Acurela.

I don’t recall seeing or hearing anything about them in the States – I suspect they didn’t sign to an American label, so the only exposure to the band America would have would be via import singles, which was usually always a hit-or-miss affair depending on availability and how many records were shipped over.

So here is a band you may not be familiar with, during a time when a lot of activity was going on in the UK. Sadly, we can’t be everywhere all the time. So if you missed them, no worries – you get to hear what you missed as soon as you hit the play button.ith

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