Brix Smith of The Adult Net

Brix Smith of The Adult Net. Multi-tasking; the other with The Fall.

The Adult Net In Session – 1986 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Brix Smith of The Adult Net
Brix Smith of The Adult Net. Multi-tasking; the other with The Fall.

The Adult Net – in session for Janice Long – October 1, 1986 – BBC Radio 1 –

The Adult Net to start off the week. Originally a side project of The Fall’s singer and guitarist Brix Smith, who joined the band in 1983. The Adult Net featured Brix, along with members of The Fall, minus their founder Mark E. Smith. Their first single was a remake of The Strawberry Alarm Clock‘s Incense and Peppermints and it created enough of a stir when it was issued in April of 1985. A second single, Edie was issued in November. A third single Waking Up In The Sun, which opens this session, was their first moderate hit, reaching 95 on the UK charts.

This session comes around the time Waking Up In The Sun was about to be issued. The band was also at work on their debut album for Beggars Banquet – scheduled to be released in 1987, Spin This Web was shelved when the group was dropped from the label. Eventually they signed with Fontana Records.

Unfortunately, there were several personnel changes during this time. With band members giving up double-duty to head back to The Fall. Former members of The Smiths were recruited along with ex-Blondie drummer Clem Burke and The Adult Net’s debut album was recorded and released in 1989. The Honey Triangle had three singles to its credit, including a re-recorded version of Waking Up In The Sun. A remake of The Grass Roots 1966 hit Where Were You When I Needed You reached number 66 on the charts and the re-recorded Waking Up In The Sun scratched to number 99.

By this time, Brix Smith left The Fall officially, as well as ending her marriage to founder Mark E. Smith in early 1989. The Honey Triangle failed to chart and The Adult Net were dropped from the Fontana roster in 1990, dissolving shortly after.

Described as a cross between Indie Pop and Psychedelia Revival, The Adult Net may have anticipated that revival, but sadly didn’t benefit from it, because by the time the band broke up, the Psychedelic Revival was well underway and taking hold in Manchester.

A good, though not extraordinary band that have largely gone overlooked since 1990, The Adult Net tried to do something different, and they certainly had a considerable amount of help and support from several key figures. But the vagaries of the business and a shifting personnel probably contributed to their demise as is so often the case.

To remind you of what The Adult Net were all about, here is that session from BBC Radio 1’s Janice Long Program from October 1, 1986.

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