Adorable - began life as The Candy Thieves - fortunately, they changed their minds.

Adorable – Live At Glastonbury 1993 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Adorable – began life as The Candy Thieves – fortunately, they changed their minds.

Adorable – live at Glastonbury 1993 – BBC Radio 1 –

Adorable at Glastonbury in 1993 tonight. Cast in the Alternative/Shoegaze vein, Adorable had a reasonably short life-span. Only together from 1990-1994 before splitting up on stage in Brussels in 1994.

Adorable began life as The Candy Thieves, but decided a name change was in order – and with the name change came their first gig, at The Tic Toc club in their native Conventry in 1991. Initially well recieved, their first break came via as a support band for Curve’s UK tour of 1992, which also netted their first official single with Creation Records; Sunshine Smile, which was released in April 1992. Meanwhile, Sunshine Smile, along with three other singles; I’ll Be your Saint, Homeboy and Sistine Chapel Ceiling hit the UK singles charts, all going into the top 5.

This concert comes around the time of the release of their first album, Against Perfection which reached number 70 on the album charts. This was also part of a tour which included the U.S., Europe, Australia and Japan.

By the time their second album, Fake had come out in 1994, two singles released from it reached the UK Indie chart, but the album failed to chart at all and this signaled a strain in relations between the band and the record company. Tensions came to a head later on that year, and Adorable announced their split from the stage at a gig in Brussels.

And that was the end of Adorable – the individual members went separate ways and off to other bands, with three members leaving the music business entirely and starting careers in education and computer science.

Sad to say, it’s more the rule than the exception, for bands to come and go; show much potential and initial excitement and then eventually lose the audience, lose support of the label and become disenfranchised with each other. For bands and artists to achieve a lifelong career in music, is a rare thing. Even if you are overwhelmed by the seeming infinite numbers of artists today, only a few of them will be around in a years time, let alone five. but each of them had something to offer, and fortunately, many of them left a legacy to discover and wonder about in the future.

Well . . .at least they gave it a shot.

Play loud.

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