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All About Eve
All About Eve – A bit of Alt, a bit of Goth, a bit of Shoegaze, a lot ethereal, thanks to Julianne Regan.

All About Eve – live in Bonn, Germany – 1977 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

All About Eve tonight. Taking another side-trip into Ethereal-Wave with a liberal dose of Shoegaze, a dollop of Alternative and the essence of Bay-Area 60s Psych. With four studio albums during their tenure (1984-1993), three of those four albums hitting the top 20, All About Eve were deemed a moderate success, and certainly a critical success. Although there were times they were straddled with the label of Goth as a genre, they still managed to have great across-the-board appeal.

This concert, around the same time as the one done for the BBC and their In Concert series, was recorded in Bonn and I think was part of the Rockpalast series, also in 1991, which was later issued on DVD in 2008. It comes around the time of their third album, Touched By Jesus. It was also around the time guitarist Tim Bricheno left the band and was replaced by Marty Willson-Piper from The Church. The album, aside from making it into the top 20, also featured Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour on two tracks. Right after this release they would leave their label Vertigo and sign with MCA for another album before Julianne Regan left.

One of the bands who were part of that pivotal period of the late 1980s where a lot of musical ideas were mashing together, coupled with the unmistakeable voice of Julianne Regan, who was once described in the press as being “one of the more talented singers of the scene in the late 80s”, All About Eve managed to carve a niche in the flood of talent and become associated with one of the more interesting and creative periods in Pop music (IMHO) – one that has had far-reaching impact on artists today. So they must’ve been doing something right.

Play loud.

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