Daily Archive: February 28, 2017

Blue Cheer 4

Blue Cheer – Demo Session 1967 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Blue Cheer – Demo/sessions – KSAN-FM 1967 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Picture this: You live in L.A. – you are a regular of the concerts at the Shrine Expo Hall near USC. It’s 1967. Some friends of yours who have moved up to the Bay area are telling...

The state of Education in 1950s America 0

A Matter Of Education – A Question Of Our Place In The World – 1955 – Past Daily Reference Room

State of Education – Franco-American relations – Listen To Washington – February 15, 1955 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – In 1955 we were in the middle of what became known as the Post-War Baby Boom. Kids born after 1945 were either approaching school age or were well into elementary...