Anna Tsybuleva

Anna Tsybuleva - unquestionable qualities as an artist.

Anna Tsybuleva In Recital – 2016 Ruhr Piano Festival – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Anna Tsybuleva
Anna Tsybuleva – unquestionable qualities as an artist.

Anna Tsybuleva in recital – 2016 Ruhr Piano Festival – WDR3

New bright lights on the horizon this week. Rising star, Ann Tsybuleva in recital at the 2016 Ruhr Piano Festival. The highly acclaimed and gifted pianist has been making waves, ever since her debut in 2012. Praised by Murray McLachlain in International piano Magazine as “a born performer with unquestionable qualities as an artist”, he is one of many who have heaped praise on this 27 year old Russian Artist. Fellow pianist Peter Donohoe has called Tsybuleva “one of the very finest young musicians of her generation”. And the accolades keep coming in. Already a seasoned veteran of the recital hall, she is also appearing with most major symphony orchestras around the world. Further evidence we’ll be hearing a lot about her in the coming months and years.

This recital strikes a nice balance with pieces by Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach, Johannes Brahms, Max Reger, Dmitri Shostakovich and an encore by Saint-Saens – and the audience is more than appreciative.

Here’s a rundown of what’s being played:

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Sonata in G minor

Johannes Brahms
Capriccen und Intermezzi, from “Fantasien” op. 116

Max Reger
5 Watercolors, op. 25

Dmitrij Shostakovich
24 Preludes, op

Anna Tsybuleva, piano

Recording from the Kunstmuseum Bochum

Moderation/announcer: Wibke Gerking

Announcements are in German and nothing was edited, including bits of interview with Tsybuleva between pieces. Just under an hour and 45 minutes, it definitely qualifies for an Anti-Road Rage Wednesday inclusion.

When I start worrying about the state of our culture – where we are headed as far as being able to listen to appreciate and cultivate new generations of Classical and Jazz artists, I listen to concerts like this, from artists as young and gifted as Ann Tsybuleva and realize it’s all here, it’s all still with us and it’s all available for the listening. If you’re on the fence about Classical Music, please keep an open mind – take it in short doses. What ever it takes to keep you coming back and sparks your curiosity for more, please do it. Consider this music to be nourishment, not medicine.

Hit the play button and relax.

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