Seedling - in session for John Peel 2002

Seedling - Dutch twist.

Seedling In Session – 2002 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Seedling - in session for John Peel 2002
Seedling – Hard-edged Indie with a Dutch twist.

Seedling – in session for John Peel – broadcast: April 20, 2002 – BBC Radio 1 –

Seedling were a band from The Netherlands who were together from 1996-2004; not very long by present-day standards, but long enough to make waves and become championed by John Peel through three sessions they did at BBC Radio 1 from 2001 to 2003.

Very much in the style of Breeder and Belly, Seedling was a four-piece, consisting of three women and one guy. The band was fronted by Susanne Linssen who also played violin. With three albums, four singles and four compilation albums, Seedling had established a solid fan base and were making inroads to the UK via Peel and gigs around London, with eyes across the Atlantic, leading up to a gig at the CMJ Festival in New York in November of 2003.

A high-energy band with all the earmarks of an international success, they suddenly dissolved in 2004, with very little notice or reason for the split. But after an 8 year run, they called it a day. One final gig in London in November of 2004 was it and Seedling were no more, with band members going in different directions, Linssen landing in the group Hospital Bombers.

There has certainly been no shortage of bands with bright futures and growing audiences stopping short and not going further. It would be safe to say that, with a dedicated amount of exposure from near-constant touring of the U.S. they would have cracked that market, but how long would be anybody’s guess.

Seedling were an interesting, high-energy band. It makes perfect sense that John Peel was taken by them; they were good and they were talented and they could have gone far.

They may not ring bells with American listeners, unless you got word-of-mouth from the CMJ Festival in 2003. They were well known and highly regarded in The Netherlands and they had a good reputation in London. If you missed them, check them out here.

Just a suggestion – play loud.

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