The Futureheads

The Futureheads - Further evidence a high voltage/high octane life ain't such a bad thing.

The Futureheads – Live at Glastonbury 2006 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Futureheads
The Futureheads – Further evidence a high voltage/high octane life ain’t such a bad thing.

The Futureheads – In Concert at Glastonbury 2006 – June 25, 2006 – BBC 6 Music –

With every good intention of running this last night, but falling dead asleep at the keyboard before I could post it, we’re running tonight’s episode of the Soundbooth rather early today. And just in case you were nodding off at work, or dreading the drive home, here’s that Futureheads Concert from Glastonbury 2006 I was going to run last night.

Rumored to have broken up since 2013, appearing out of nowhere just last year, and rumored to be sort-of-back-together-sort-of-not-back-together, The Futureheads were one of the more high energy bands to surface from the Post-Punk era. Getting started in 2000 and with a string of successful albums between 2004 and 2012, The Futureheads (whose name comes via The Flaming Lips‘ album Hit To Death In The Future Head) got high marks early-on. Were declared Band to Watch, and their debut single was designated Best Single of 2005 by NME, the band had a good run and were very popular both here and in the U.S. where they had toured, starting in 2005 as support for The Pixies, Foo Fighters and Snow Patrol.

This gig, from Glastonbury 2006 was one of the stand out shows from that festival, and this snapshot provides ample proof they were far from mellow.

Despite rumors of getting back together, the band did officially call it quits in 2015, with drummer Dave Hyde announcing during a BBC 6 Music interview that ┬áhe and his brother Barry (Vocals and guitar) had gone into teaching and that Barry was also working on a “piano based” solo album. So that was that.

Still, a good run and very popular band at the time – taking the energy level up a few notches and leaving with some killer music. It doesn’t get too much better than that.

In case you missed them, shame on you. But you can redeem yourself by cranking this high octane example up and screaming “Piece of Crap”* from your car window.

Or not.

(*they end the show with this song . . .in case you were wondering.)

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