Ikara Colt - live at Lowlands 2002

Ikara Colt - Short lived, and intentionally so.

Ikara Colt – Live At Lowlands 2002 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Ikara Colt - live at Lowlands 2002
Ikara Colt – Short lived, and intentionally so.

Ikara Colt – live at Lowlands 2002 – Recorded by VPRO/3VOOR12 – August 23, 2002 – VPRO, Netherlands –

Ikara Colt to end the week. A short-lived band, but intentionally so. The members were all Art-School students, naming their band after a fictional race horse, and it was pre-determined that the band would call it quits five years after getting started in 1999 and ending in January 2005.

But in that short period of time they released 2 albums, 7 singles and one ep, became known for not subscribing to any one genre, but rather a wide swath of different ones, though they did cite The Fall and Sonic Youth as primary influences.

Listening to this concert, recorded during the 2002 Lowlands Festival in Holland by VPRO in the Netherlands, you get the impression they were probably more influenced by Punk than indie. And they did carve out a niche for themselves with audiences as well as gathering a following in the U.S. and Japan. They were initially discovered by Steve Lamacq and shortly after went on John Peel’s BBC Radio 1 program. The exposure helped secure festival positions at Glastonbury and Reading, which led to being signed by Fantastic Plastic, an indie label

In recent years they’ve fallen off the radar, despite reissues of their catalog – their initial fear of staying together past their “sell by date” had much to do with their fear of “turning into some old, tire and jaded outfit” (according to singer Paul Resende in an interview) and no longer being considered fresh.

Since their breakup, the individual members have scattered in various directions. Bass player Tracy Bellaries who replaced founding bass player Jon Ball, went off to Mystery Meat and Part Chimp.

If you aren’t familiar with Ikara Colt and feel like diving into something loud and experimental, you should check this band out.

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