The Shins - after a Five year hiatus

The Shins - After a five year hiatus and a new album, back on the road.

The Shins – Live At 6 Music Festival 2017 – Past Daily Soundbooth


The Shins - after a Five year hiatus
The Shins – After a five year hiatus and a new album, back on the road.(photo of the earlier incarnation of the band)

The Shins – in concert at the BBC 6 Music Festival 2017 – March 25, 2017 – BBC 6 Music –

The Shins are getting ready to hit the road this Spring and Summer, promoting a new album Heartworms, their first in 5 years, came out last month and this appearance at the BBC 6 Music Festival kicks it off.

A highly regarded band from the get-go in 1996, founder/writer/lead-singer/guitarist James Mercer pulled the plug on the initial incarnation of the band, preferring to go on hiatus in order to sort things out creatively before re-emerging with a new label, new lineup and new album in 2012. Word on this latest endeavor so far is good, with some reviewers giving it four and five star ratings. No word yet on sales, but after this much time (five years since Port of Morrow was released) it’s a safe bet the album will sell well. As has been reported, the new album is more in keeping with the general sound and feel of their earlier incarnation, while keeping it fresh. Rolling Stone and several other publications have applauded this latest Shins incarnation, saying in effect, that it most closely resembles the efforts of bands like The Beatles, Zombies and early Beach Boys in that they are preserving pop traditions and bringing them to a new generation of listeners.

So they are off to a good start. Judging from the response this concert was well received by the sold-out crowd. After this they are slated to tour the U.S. from April 20 to August 6 (Lollapalooza) before heading over to Europe from August 13-23rd.

They closest they appear to be coming to L.A. is Pasadena on June 25. So if you’re around you might want to check them out and lend some support. In the meantime, here’s what they’re up to now.

Get ready for the coming week – should be insane, as usual.

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