Dawn Of The Replicants

Dawn Of The Replicants - called "impossible to categorize" - an accurate description.

Dawn Of The Replicants In Session 1997 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Dawn Of The Replicants
Dawn Of The Replicants – called “impossible to categorize” – an accurate description.

Dawn Of The Replicants – John Peel Session – August 12, 1997 + Rule The Roost 1999 – BBC Radio 1 –

Dawn Of The Replicants to end the week. A band you could consider criminally overlooked, but since they are still very much together, the jury is still out of that one.

But needless to say, Dawn Of The Replicants is one of the most interesting and unclassifiable bands emanating from Scotland in a long time. Initially a duo, Paul Vickers and Roger Simian released their first ep in 1996 and was immediately picked up and given heavy airplay by none other than John Peel. The initial popularity and Peel’s support landed them in the first of several sessions. Their initial exposure led NME and The Times to proclaim them “Best New Band Of 1997”.

Since that time they’ve released some 5 albums, one compilation, 7 eps and 9 singles. Weathered being dropped by Warners after two albums and carrying on through Indie labels.

Despite a lack of international popularity (which you would think would be a cinch for them), they have a loyal niche following as well as considerable support via the BBC.

This session comes from August 1997, for John Peel and would be one of several session the band has done so far. Rule The Roost was added on, because it’s a great track and it makes Peel’s Festive 50 for 1999.

A band who have been described as one of the most inventive groups in the UK and a band that is impossible to categorize, Dawn Of The Replicants are continuing on, after a two year hiatus in 2000, regrouping in 2002 and later performing at SXSW in 2005 as well as doing several more sessions for Hew Stephens at BBC Radio 1 and Mark Riley at BBC 6 Music.

If you aren’t familiar with Dawn Of The Replicants, there is no excuse for you not to click on the player button and play loud. They are one of those bands that fairly demand multiple playings. And don’t see any reason not to oblige.

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