Toy - In session 2012

Toy - The band to watch in 2012 - five years and three albums later . . .no let up.

Toy In Session – 2012 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Toy - In session 2012
Toy – The band to watch in 2012 – five years and three albums later . . .no let up.

Toy In session – April 10, 2012 – BBC 6 Music –

A session from Toy tonight. Five years ago I ran one of their first sessions after the release of their debut album. Press was high on the album, the audience was clamoring and they were proclaimed the Band To Watch in 2012.

Five years later, they are still at it – with three albums to their credit and a string of singles, the press and audience are still there – The Guardian recently wrote of their latest album, Clear Shot, which came out in August of last year: “another fine effort from a band who are gradually building up an absorbing catalogue”. No doubt, Toy are in it for the long haul.

Tonight though, it’s one of their first sessions for the BBC, recorded on April 10, 2012, months before their first album and smack in the middle of building up positive word of mouth.

A highly engaging band from the get-go, Toy have stayed pretty much intact – only keyboard player Alejandra Diez has since left, she has been replaced by Max Oscarmold, formerly of The Ornaments who supported Toy on tours.

With Clear Shot released in October of last year, along with an ep, Spellbound, the band went on tour to support the album in November and December. At last report, they are heading over to Spain in June, followed by two Festival gigs in the UK in August and September. So if you happen to be in Portsmouth in August you can catch them at the Victorious Festival on the 27th.

If you’ve been hearing about Toy, but haven’t heard them or seen them – here’s a great chance to catch them just as they were breaking, five years ago. Hopefully, some concert recordings should surface soon – nice to hear what they are up to now.

Play loud anyway.

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