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The Coral
The Coral – bringing the undefinable to Glasto in 2002.

The Coral – live at Glastonbury 2002 – BBC 6 Music –

The Coral to start the week off. The Merseyside Indie/Psych/folk/jangle-pop group got started in 1996, but fortunes were starting to change in the early 2000s with the release of their debut album in 2002. This festival appearance concentrates on most of the music from that album to drum up support. The Coral debut album hit number 5 on the lp charts as well as securing the band a coveted Mercury Prize award in the process. It would be the first of a string of successful albums as well as singles the band have enjoyed over the years. It would also be the first of what has been a string of albums receiving critical praise for the band. Aside from the hiatus of guitarist Bill Rhyder-Jones, who would eventually make the hiatus permanent and the death of their mentor and guiding light Alan Wills, killed in a motorcycle accident, the band have continued a string of successful releases some 21 years after their debut.

Considered by many to be largely undefinable by nature of the wide range of musical ideas that seemed to go on constantly within the band, they nonetheless managed to secure a loyal and growing following by the time this festival appearance happened. Often touted as “the new Oasis” the band also got considerable pressure to keep the success going, which eventually led to their self-imposed hiatus.

Back to the show at hand: Recorded on the scene by the venerable BBC 6 Music in 2002, this is an abbreviated version of that set, as it was broadcast.

A popular band on both sides of the Atlantic, The Coral took a 5-year hiatus in 2011, but have since resumed recording and touring and still influencing other bands along the way. The Zutons, The Dead 60s and The Rascals (no relation to the U.S. band from the 60s) cite The Coral as key elements. With the release of their 8th album in March of 2016, the band pick up largely where they left off; a little older and wiser and in the process of reconnecting with fans again.

Play loud.

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