Teenage Fanclub

Teenage Fanclub - Kurt Cobain frequently said they were "the best band in the world", and he wouldn't lie.

Teenage Fanclub – Live At Astoria 1996 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Teenage Fanclub
Teenage FanclubKurt Cobain frequently said they were “the best band in the world”, and he wouldn’t lie.

Teenage Fanclub -live at Astoria 1996“>

Teenage Fanclub – live at London Astoria 1996 – BBC 6 Music

Teenage Fanclub tonight. One of those bands seemingly around forever whose songs manage to get stuck in your brain forever. The Scottish Indie band (they are purported not to liking that designation) have been around since 1989 and were originally part of the Glasgow C86 scene. They have 10 albums out as of 2010 and are still going strong.

This gig (an excerpt) comes between the releases of Grand Prix and Songs From Northern England, along with the December 1995 release of their ep, Teenage Fanclub Have Lost It.

Always one of the more interesting bands, with considerably more to say than if they were stuck in Indie, Teenage Fanclub had a much easier go of it in the UK than in the U.S. where they were approached with caution by audiences. Bandwagonesque was their breakthrough album in the States though, being picked up for release by Geffen. The album got rave reviews from Spin Magazine, citing Bandwagonesque as best album of the year, beating out Nirvana’s Nevermind. It was the follow-up, Thirteen that suffered a setback with U.S. audiences, due in large part to scathing reviews the album, as well as the loss of drummer Brendan O’Hare and a scramble to find a replacement.

But this concert should give you an idea of what Teenage Fanclub were like early-on. Citing such influences as Big Star and Orange Juice, the band weathered personnel changes and have sustained a healthy fanbase, while picking up new fans in the process. If you’re familiar with Teenage Fanclub, I’m preaching to choir. But in the off chance you aren’t, I would definitely have a listen to this and go exploring. In any event, turn it on, crank it up and enjoy the hell out of it.

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