Chris Cornell (1964-2017)

Chris Cornell (1964-2017) - Architect of a movement - icon of a generation - possessor of demons.

Chris Cornell – Live In Buenos Aires – 2007 – Past Daily Soundbooth/Tribute Edition

Chris Cornell (1964-2017)
Chris Cornell (1964-2017) – Architect of a movement – icon of a generation – possessor of demons.

Chris Cornell – live at Personal Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina – December 8, 2007 – Argentina TV –

Such strange days. Coming from seemingly nowhere and shocking as a lightning jolt, the news of the death of Chris Cornell Wednesday night in Detroit after what was to be his very last concert, came with stunned silence and an inability to comprehend for a long time.

He was 52 – young by all accounts. His work with Soundgarden was ground-breaking – Cornell was the architect of Grunge and helped put it on the map for the world to experience. And after Soundgarden came Audioslave and between all that was Temple Of The Dog.

Sure, he had a substance abuse problem, but he was clean and sober since 2004, and his newly found sobriety aided him during his solo years. And depression plagued him for much of his life, finally winning out in the end, as police have come to the conclusion Chris Cornell’s death was in reality, a suicide.

As a reminder of just who we lost, and why the loss is so baffling, here is a concert he did in Buenos Aires in 2007 to give you some idea of the complexity and the sheer talent Chris Cornell was.

The influence Chris had over a generation is inestimable. Anyone who was around or who came-of-age in the 1990’s will remember Soundgarden as one of the touchstone bands of the Grunge era. And it was Chris Cornell’s work as co-founder, singer and songwriter for the band which has made such an impression on so many people at the time. Practically anyone who grew up with Soundgarden, and later Audioslave will have songs that helped shape and drive their youth and were such an important and vital part of their lives at the time.

The loss is still hard to fathom, even a day after hearing the news. As a tribute to the memory and legacy of Chris Cornell, here is that concert, recorded on December 8, 2007 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Strange days indeed.

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