Alec Wilder Octet – Such A Tender Night – 1939 – Past Daily Nights At The Round Table: Shellac Edition

Alec Wilder
Alec Wilder – Quirky, eccentric, impulsive – one of the greatest American Composers of the 20th century that you’ve never heard of.

Alec Wilder Octet – Such A Tender Night – Brunswick 8357 – Rec. March 30, 1939 –

Music of Alec Wilder tonight – from a series of recordings he made with his Octet for Brunswick Records in 1939, Such A Tender Night, which was the flip side of Walking Home In Spring, featured back in 2014.

Alec Wilder is probably one of the most unique and label-proof composers who walked the earth during the mid-20th century. His music defied description and genre and his fans were legion, not to mention running the gamut.

Risking almost complete obscurity, Wilder’s music has been resurrected in recent years. From reissues of the purported Frank Sinatra session for Columbia to new recordings and new discoveries on various independent labels, it seems the music of Alec Wilder is finally getting the recognition it has so richly deserved.

Because it was so difficult to pigeon-hole may explain why it has fallen into some disrepair over the years. But with the reassessment of his work going on and new musicians making discoveries, it’s gratifying to see how much of his music is being discovered by people who would normally not be listening.

This recording features his Octet, which also has in its ranks, an Oboist by the name of Mitchell Miller, who would go on to head up the A&R Department at Columbia Records, not to mention having his own TV and Radio shows.

I am pretty sure this disc has been reissued as part of the dizzying and growing number of Alec Wilder discs currently on the market.

If you aren’t familiar with the music of Alec Wilder, it’s something you need to listen to – no one can explain it to you because it is, in fact all over the place. But it’s intensely interesting music during a time of a lot of musical upheaval.

Have a seat and enjoy.

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