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Harriet Wheeler of The Sundays
Harriet Wheeler of The Sundays – One of those bands that made the 90s memorable.

The Sundays – In session for The Black Sessions – Dec. 15, 1992 – RFI (Radio France International) –

The Sundays to end out the week. One of those bands synonymous with the 90s and the explosion of Dream Pop that hit the scene. On top of everything else – the tsunami of musical genres, vying for listeners and creating indelible impressions, The Sundays were certainly one of the favorites. During their 9 year run they released 3 studio albums and 7 singles and despite having problems with record labels; namely the bankruptcy and demise of Rough Trade Records which rendered their debut album from 1989 an instant rarity, and one which didn’t see the light of reissue until 1996. Despite the fact that the 1989 release went gold and topped the British charts, along with their debut single from the album, Can’t Be Sure, was acclaimed as one of the Best singles of 1989. It was an auspicious start for a band that would see them become a commercial success during their tenure.

This session, done for Bernard Lenoir and his program The Black Sessions for Radio France International came around the time of the release of Blind, their first album for Parlophone, their new label after the demise of Rough Trade. The session was recorded on December 15, 1992, and unlike the Peel Session for BBC Radio 1, The Black Sessions were done for an audience of around 200 and so it was more of a mini-concert than the sessions the BBC ran. In any case, it was The Sundays at the peak of their form, with singer/writer Harriet Wheeler offering ample proof that hers was a voice which epitomized Dream Pop and more or less became its trademark.

There have been rumors of a possible reunion, which began in 2014 with a magazine interview featuring with Wheeler and David Gavurin. A few months later, during a BBC 6 Music interview with mutual friend David Baddiel, he offered the notion that they are doing music, but as for a reunion, it was anybody’s guess.

While you’re waiting, here is that performance from Radio France and The Black Sessions for December 15, 1992

Lovely – from start to finish.

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