Blur In Concert At Kilburn National Ballroom 1991 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

Blur in concert from Kilburn Auditorium
Blur – Early gig, pivotal band, essential influence.

Blur – In Concert from Kilburn National Ballroom- recorded Oct 24, 1991 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Blur in concert tonight, recorded just as they were turning a corner and picking up where they left off. Although they have been compared to the likes of Oasis, it’s easy to make that distinction. But it would be a bad idea to base your opinion on a band by not hearing it. And here’s a taste of that band, as they sounded and recorded on October, 1991.

Always an influential band, Blur were at the crest of the Brit-pop wave when it hit the UK from the early 90s onward. And the contrived “feud” between Blur and Oasis was good for radio and newspaper copy, but not necessarily the truth.

This concert comes on the heels of the release of their debut album, Leisure (it came out in August) from which There’s No Other Way became their first substantial hit and established the band as having unlimited possibilities for continued success. It was now clear that Brit-Pop, despite the rather annoying title, was a force to be reckoned with and the onslaught of similar-veined bands would be making their presences known soon enough.

Blur’s initial incarnation went from 1988-2003, followed by a hiatus/breakup, whichever you want to call it, until 2008 when the band, all original members, reunited and picked up where the left off. They have since become a staple on the Festival circuit and their concerts are eagerly looked-forward-to events that remind fans who have been around since the beginning that their formative days were loaded with excitement. But it also serves as an introduction to those fans who missed them the first time around.

Blur have managed to stay on top of their game some 29 years now (doesn’t seem that long ago but . . .) and have maintained that same freshness this concert from October 24, 1991 brings to the ears.

You really have to crank this one up.

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