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Trentemøller in concert
Trentmøller – Stunned onlookers at Coachella in 2011 (photo: Andreas Emenius)

Trentemøller – in concert at Paradise Rock Club – March 23, 2017 – Sveriges Radio P3 –

Anders Trentemøller is a Danish electronic music composer/instrumentalist/producer who goes simply as Trentemøller. He is based in Copenhagen but his reputation has become worldwide in just a few short years.

Starting in the late 1990s as a producer of Indie bands, Trentemøller began branching out, focusing on his own work. In 2006 he issued the first of a series of singles before releasing his debut album in 2007. He assembled a live band and made his performance debut via his first tour; starting in the U.S. and then to festivals around Europe that summer. By 2009 his reputation had grown considerably, and by the time he released his first compilation, The Trentemøller Chronicles, a double album of unissued materials, he was ready to headline the prestigious Roskilde Festival before a crowd of some 80,000.

His 2011 appearance at Coachella here in the U.S. was a game-changer, at least for American audiences. His performance was singled out as a standout and one of the highlights of the festival. Since that time he’s released three more albums, a string of compilations and an impressive batch of singles and ep’s.

All pointing up to the fact that Trentemøller is no run-of-the-mill electronica artist – and certainly one of the most influential figures on the current synthwave scene.

This is a recent concert, recorded in March at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston and broadcast just last month by Sveriges Radio in Stockholm. I can’t confirm it, and it doesn’t show up on the Sveriges Radio website, but I believe he is joined by vocalists Marie Fisker, Lisbet Fritze and Jehnny Beth, who worked with him on his latest project, Fixion, which came out last year and is his fourth album.

If you think Electronica, Synthwave and ambient sound is remotely akin to EDM, I would definitely check this concert out to dispel that myth. Trentemøller has something to say and to add to the musical conversation. You will hopefully get that impression within the first 20 seconds.

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