The Joy Formidable - in session 2009

The Joy Formidable - with a new single out, as we speak.

The Joy Formidable In Session – 2009 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Joy Formidable - in session 2009
The Joy Formidable – with a new single out, as we speak.

The Joy Formidable – in session 2009 – BBC 6 Music –

The Joy Formidable to end the week. Coming up on 10 years together (they formed in 2007, although their Facebook page says 2009 . .not sure about that), The Joy Formidable have three studio albums out since 2011, four eps out since 2008 and some seventeen singles to their credit.

With no sign of letting up for this Welsh Alternative band, and a new single out since July. The Joy Formidable have been keeping up the momentum. Having finished up a tour in June, which started last February, they are taking a much needed rest. With the release of their latest single, Aruthrol E which is available in a limited edition 7″ version (500 copies, of which only 18 are left as of today), and getting ready to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut ep, A Balloon Called Moaning, which came out in December of 2008. A full plate appears to be in store for the future.

Much has happened since then – A Joy Formidable have had a string of successes in that time, and there appears to be no let up.

This session comes from 2009, around the time of the release of their live album, First You Have To Get Mad, as well as the issue of two singles from the Balloon Called Moaning ep; Cradle and Whirring, which hit #7 on the U.S.alternative and 21 on the regular singles charts.

Looking at the schedule and the amount of touring the band has done since first getting together, it seems like a lot – but fact of the matter is; this is the way of the future for any band planning on making a career out of music; the endless touring, recording and hitting the road. Hitting the road for a year at a stretch and then resting for six months and then hitting the road again. It also seems like an endless cycle, but with all the conventional avenues shrinking up; airplay and major label support down to a bare minimum, bands are having to rely on their own skill sets and drive just to keep it all going. More festivals than ever before – more venues popping up – more bands out on tour. On the one hand, its a great time for music, but on the other hand, it’s exhausting and runs the risk of overload and a lot of music subsequently getting lost in the shuffle.

I would only say that, if you’re familiar with The Joy Formidable, as with any band currently on the scene – support the hell out of them – buy their stuff – go to their concerts – buy their t-shirts, posters, limited editions. It all goes to support the band directly and keeps them alive. If you love music, you have to do what you can to keep it fresh and vital.


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