Trio Janitzio

Trio Janitzio - Part of that rich legacy of Latin Music - and they did movies too.

Two By Trio Janitzio – 1957 – Past Daily Nights At The Round Table

Trio Janitzio
Trio Janitzio – Part of that rich legacy of Latin Music – and they made movies too.

Trio Janitzio – 1. Nunca Jamas 2. Mi Ultimo Fracaso – Musart M-1222 (circa 1957) – Musart Records –

When I resurrected the Nights At The Round Table feature on Past Daily, it gave me an opportunity to dig through the many thousands of 78 rpm records that I haven’t listened to in years. So many discs I haven’t played in so long, some I never got around to playing, but swore up and down I would – but am finally getting around to – and wondering why I didn’t do it before.

And so when I stumbled across this disc; two 78 sides done by Trio Janitzio for the Musart Label in Mexico around 1957, I was reminded of the rich legacy this group represented, and that so many groups who played this luxuriant, sensual and ultra-romantic music had established for the world since the 1920s – coupling it with a virtuosity of musicianship that would stand alone, but is complimented by a vocal ensemble that fairly bathes the music in richness.

A lot of these groups achieved international reputations over the years. Some, like Trio Janitzio, made numerous films and became box office attractions throughout the Spanish speaking countries, and later when TV arrived, became household names on Mexican Television in the 1950s as well as regular performers on radio. Their music has been reissued on several formats over the years – and these two tracks, Nunca Jamas and Mi Ultimo Fracaso have been re-recorded and reissued as well.

But if you want to hear the original 78s, as they were being played on radio stations all over Mexico, Central and South America, here are those two sides recorded by Trio Janitzio and issued sometime in 1957.

A lot of you are well familiar with this genre of music, there is a lot of it to listen to. But some of you might not be familiar with this at all – I would certainly urge you to sit down, lose the distractions and jump into this. It’s gorgeous.

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