Lush - Live in Paris 1991

Lush - One of the first bands considered Shoegaze - even though they thought differently.

Lush - Live in Paris 1991
Lush – One of the first bands considered Shoegaze – even though they thought differently.

Lush – In Concert from La Cigale, Paris – October 19, 1991 – Radio France International – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

With their brief reunion last year, and string of sold-out concerts, Lush called it quits in the end. Citing responsibilities and changed lives and a desire to go out on a high note.

It was one of the high points of 2016 and I ran several concerts and sessions from the band, going from early-on to concerts from the reunion tour of last year over several posts.

But that was last year – and as always, more early material surfaces that just begs to be shared. This one, a concert from October 19, 1991 from La Cigale in Paris, part of the festival Les Inrockuptibles, appeared and I thought I would add it to the list of already run concerts from this milestone band, who made the 80s and early 90s the interesting and engaging set of years it was.

Lush were a very influential band at the time. One of the things that came as such a surprise to the band during this reunion was just how many people remembered them, treasured them and were pivotal elements in shaping different points of view on contemporary music.

They were one of the first bands to be described as Shoegaze, although the band bristled at the notion and considered themselves Indie and Alternative – Shoegaze, as any label a band was given, would be limiting in the scope of what they are all about. But whether they chose to acknowledge the Shoegaze label or not, they were a much loved band by a large and loyal following – a following that embraced them like long-lost friends when they decided to have a go at reuniting last year.

This concert is the band during their earlier period; five years into making a difference. Lush, when they got back together in 2016, lost none of the magic or the charm, nor the engaging soundscape they so beautifully constructed.

Not the complete concert, it’s missing about three songs – and because of that, it’s a little over a half-hour. But thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless.

Crank up and enjoy.

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