Firefighters rescued Sept. 13, 2001
In the midst of overwhelming dismay, glimmers of hope.

September 13, 2001 – Miracle In Manhattan – Firefighters Rescued After Three Days In Rubble.

Firefighters rescued Sept. 13, 2001

In the midst of overwhelming dismay, glimmers of hope.

September 13, 2001 – National Public Radio News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

September 13, 2001 – While we were still reeling in shock and devastation over the events from two days earlier, the task of search, rescue, removal and attempting to carry on continued. Despite the seemingly endless wave of fatality reports, expressions of grief and waiting for notifications pending next of kin, there were miracles taking place near Ground Zero in Manhattan.

On this day, news that five firefighters; first responders, were rescued under the rubble of the World Trade Center, three days after being trapped inside a parked SUV, brought a glimmer of hope to the otherwise grim task at hand.

The discovery of the firefighters, still alive after three days offered hope that perhaps more would be found, and a renewed sense of urgency came over the rescuers and those who were waiting for word.

But in the midst of the hopeful news, there was news of the after-effects of the attack. For the first time, the name Osama bin-Laden was given as the person responsible for the attacks. He was thought to be hiding in Afghanistan and pressure was now being put on Pakistan‘s Pervez Musharraf to aid in tracking bin Laden down. Pakistan was directly south of Afghanistan and was an integral part of Afghanistan’s trade and economy. And although there were many in Pakistan who were supportive of Bin Laden, it created an uncomfortable situation for Musharraf, who was on thin ice himself, as leader of a country in flux.

This was a time to consider all solutions to the crisis – and even though the shock was palpable, the desire to carry on and find who was responsible was stronger. And as news continued to unfold, the glimmers of hope from Ground Zero added resolve and a determination to what was an almost impossible week to digest.

That was what was going on, this September 13, 2001 – as reported by National Public Radio, as part of their continuing coverage of the events of 9/11 throughout the week.

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