The Yardbirds

The Yardbirds - Next stop: Led Zeppelin.

The Yardbirds – Live In Germany 1967 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Yardbirds
The Yardbirds – Next stop: Led Zeppelin.

The Yardbirds – live at Stadhall Offenbach (Beat Beat Beat program) – March 15, 1967 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Ending up the week and getting ready for a new one with The Yardbirds, recorded at Stadhall, Offenbach in Germany on March 15, 1967. This is the version of the band that would probably be the last before resurrecting into Led Zeppelin. Jeff Beck had left, going off to form his milestone group with Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood – and now it was a four-piece with Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja, Page and Keith Relf. That lineup would stay until 1968, when they would do their last tour in July and call it quits.

The Yardbirds, in retrospect, have been overshadowed by the massive success of Led Zeppelin, but it was what they started in 1963 that made Led Zeppelin of 1968 possible. It was the highly stylized sound of, first Jeff Beck and then Jimmy Page that gave the band their distinct place in the Rock history books. And that initially Led Zeppelin was to be a project of Page and bassist Chris Dreja until Dreja decided to hang it all up for a career in photography that things evolved the way they did.

The Yardbirds did resurrect, to a certain degree. In 1992, founding member, drummer Jim McCarty put a new Yardbirds together. Sadly,singer Keith Relf had died in 1976 in an electrical accident at his home studio. The new band, which consisted of McCarty and Dreja as the founding members also convinced Jeff Beck to participate in some recording, albeit briefly. The Yardbirds are continuing, finding new audiences.

But it’s the original Yardbirds – the ones who blazed trails and made some unforgettable music – that’s the band featured right now. Blazing through four songs in less than 15 minutes, playing much of the memorable stuff – here they are as they sounded on March 15,1967.

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  1. A very nice early morning listening experience. Wow, 4 great songs in a row – short, but great! Thanks very much for posting…

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