The Who
The Who - During their Who Sell Out period.

The Who – Lulu – The Troggs – The Gun – Gene Pitney – Top Of The Pops 1967 – Past Daily Nights At The Round Table

The Who

The Who – During their Who Sell Out period.

The Who, Lulu (with The George Bean Group), The Troggs, The Gun, Gene Pitney – Top Of The Pops – Dec. 22, 1967 – BBC Transcription Service –

Continuing to plumb the gold mine of Top Of The Pops programs this week. This one from December 22, 1967 features (as always live performances) by The Who, during their Who Sell Out period, Lulu, playing her worldwide hit To Sir, With Love, The Troggs with Love Is All Around, The Gun, a three-piece featuring the Gurvitz Brothers who would score a top 10 hit with Race With the Devil before splitting in 1970 to become May Blitz and Three Man Army. And Gene Pitney who was catching on in the UK after a few years of moderate hits.

Typical of the wide range of music genres, Top Of The Pops represented a mix of bands on the rise as well as chart hits, all performed live and subsequently in considerably different versions than their commercial releases. Luckily, a number of these shows have survived because they were offered as part of the BBC Transcription service, a radio station subscription program where the BBC released a vast number of shows of different types for broadcast by radio stations all over the world. The show continued to be available through the 1980s, although the format of playing strictly live versions was dropped and the music played was canned, making its appeal to collectors drop considerably. This show, along with the BBC In Concert series, and several other music programs have proven crucial in a historic sense, not only from hearing a different version of a song, but also interviews and performances by bands who otherwise had very little or no record of live performances otherwise.

But the bottom line is, this is just great to listen to and offers yet another glimpse into rock n’ roll history which may not be overly examined.

Crank it up and enjoy. (and thanks to Gray Newell for helping make the week bearable).

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2 Responses

  1. Timmy says:

    All these BBC T.O.T.P. shows were great. And, for us to be able to hear them again is a wonderful; gift… THANX!

    • gordonskene says:

      Unfortunately, they were only occasionally aired in L.A., which was really too bad as they were wonderful little slices of information we could have used for our weekly trips down to Lewin’s Record Paradise on Hollywood Boulevard (the only store to sell imports at the time). Better late than never, I suppose 😉