EUT - Tessa, Megan and Emiel

Tessa, Megan and Emiel of EUT - Extraordinary new faces on the horizon.

EUT In Session – 2017 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders

EUT - Megan and Emiel
Tessa, Megan and Emiel of EUT – Extraordinary new faces on the horizon.

EUT – In session for Frequenzy – September26, 2017 – VPRO – The Netherlands –

Taking a break from our dive into the 60s this weekend for a sampling of some new music coming from across the Atlantic. EUT are a Dutch Post-Punk/Post-Rock/Indie band who have been together only two years – have one single out and will have their debut album out sometime in 2018.

There are bands that grab you from the get-go and there are bands you have to let sweep over you. I have to tell you, EUT did both. I was knocked out by how tight an ensemble they are – and how accomplished everyone is on an individual level. Standout, of course is vocalist Megan de Klerk who sings as if her life depends on it and holds nothing back. She’s not a “belter” in that she goes full-throttle and stays there – she has a range and a depth of emotion to her singing that enhances her performance. And as you’ll quickly notice with her between-song patter, English may not be her first language, but she sings it flawlessly.

I am not finding any weak links in this band – they sound as if they are paying attention to each other and working as a cohesive unit, which is what any band wants, but a lot of bands don’t get. I don’t know much about their individual backgrounds as musicians; what bands they were in before or if this is the first one. Nearest I can gather, Megan is the product of Conservatory training. I think their next step is a full-blown website and in-depth bio, because I have the suspicion we’ll be hearing a lot about them over here soon. At the moment, they are sticking around home, playing a number of gigs all this month around Holland.

I think this is one band who needs to do a bit of traveling; across the Channel and across the Atlantic. It’s time – they can do it and I will place bets they will have an audience and a fan base when they leave.

In the meantime, check out this 10 minute session for VPRO, which they did only a few days ago. I have a feeling I will be posting more on them in the coming months.

Play loud.


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