Past Daily’s Fall Fundraiser – Short, Sweet, Give What You Can – Day 1

Taking The Leap
Taking The Leap – The Past Daily Fall Fundraiser

Click on this link here to make your Contributions to Past Daily: Past Daily Fall Fundraiser

And if you’d like to hear a little bit about Past Daily and The Gordon Skene Sound Collection via The Dots podcast in my own words:

It’s that time of the year – The Past Daily Fall Fundraiser. That time of year where we go, hat in hand, asking for your support to keep us going for another year, helping us give you history and Pop Culture all day – every day. And all we’re asking is the price of a cup of coffee.

It takes a lot to keep this site going. Don’t know if you know this – but we (me) spend on average of 12-14 hours a day, every day, writing, digitizing, cataloging, scanning and posting pieces of history that are either pertinent to the times or food for the soul. It covers a lot of ground and I do it because I love it and I think it’s important to know about things. Maybe some of it doesn’t apply to you – maybe some of it isn’t up your street, but I keep it loose and unpredictable and always informative in one way or another. I’ve been doing this going on five years now – and there’s no sign of stopping. But sometimes it gets a little crazy; the bills pile up, the equipment breaks down, the shelves start to overflow – and I can only do so much before I yell for help.

I’m yelling for help now, just like I do every year. Sure, I run ads on the site, but they pay tenths of cents and it barely covers the cost of our internet bill. We need a lot more to keep us going throughout the year.

Over the past few years, I have become affiliated with Fractured Atlas, a non-profit Arts Service Organization which allows me to offer a Tax deduction for your donation and is helping put this Fundraiser on.

I promise, this won’t take a long time – I’m only doing the Fundraiser this year for a few days – shorter if we reach our goal quicker. I’m not going to drag this out and bore you to death. So please, make the choice to chip in what you can in order that we can keep giving you the best and the rarest every day.

If you missed the link at the top: Here is the link again: Past Daily Fall Fundraiser 2017

Huge and grateful thanks to everybody who has chipped in.


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