Amen Corner
Amen Corner - just one of the luminaries on this week's Top Of The Pops from December 1967.

Amen Corner, The Who, Traffic, Alan Price Set, The Settlers, The Tremeloes – Top Of The Pops – 1967 – Past Daily Nights At The Round Table


Amen Corner

Amen Corner – just one of the luminaries on this week’s Top Of The Pops from December 1967.

– Top Of The Pops – December 1, 1967 – BBC Transcription Service –

Another Top Of The Pops to end the weekend. This one features Amen Corner, The Alan Price Set, The Who, The Tremeloes, Traffic and The Settlers – hosted by Brian Matthew and all live performances from December 1, 1967.

Two bands you know about for sure – two you’ve heard of via top-40 singles and two you have probably never heard of. I may be wrong, but unless you were plugged into the UK music scene, you’d be hard-pressed to know exactly who either Amen Corner or The Settlers were. Amen Corner released a few singles in the U.S. both via Deram and Immediate, but none of them charted. I don’t think The Settlers released anything past their debut album here in the U.S. on London Records in 1964. They were initially a Folk act, but by the mid-60s changed gears and went more into Folk-Rock, and later adapting a more Fairport Convention approach. Amen Corner did have at least one star-on-the-rise. Vocalist Andy Fairweather-Low went solo after Amen Corner broke up in 1969. First, forming Fairweather which was issued via RCA and then as a singer on Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Roger Waters projects. Alan Price was formerly with The Animals and went solo, scoring several hits and bouncing back and forth between Rock and Jazz all through the 60s. His solo work in the 1970s was superb and collaborations with Georgie Fame are particularly good and frankly, he’s always been a favorite.

The Tremeloes really never got past their two top-40 hits (Here Comes My Baby and Silence Is Golden), even though they were on Epic here in the U.S. Their claim to fame initially was they were the band Decca chose over the Beatles to sign in 1962. The Tremeloes had formed in 1958 as a sort of UK version of Buddy Holly and the Crickets, and were known as Brian Poole and The Tremeloes until 1966, when Poole went off to a solo career – it was at this point that The Tremelos (minus Poole) scored their biggest worldwide hits.

The other two you know about – and its always interesting to hear The Who and Traffic via these in-studio recordings.

A great show full of wide-ranging talent and a pile of songs you may not be familiar with. Since the sound is off disc, it can get a little coarse from time to time, but it’s purely enjoyable, no matter what.

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