Daily Archive: October 17, 2017

Blossom Toes - Top Of The Pops 1968

Blossom Toes, Procol Harum, The Peddlers, Simon Dupree Big Sound, Jackie Trent And Tony Hatch – Top Of The Pops – 1968 – Past Daily Nights At The Round Table

Blossom Toes, Procol Harum, Simon Dupree & The Big Sound, The Peddlers, Jackie Trent and Tony Hatch – Top Of The Pops – May 10, 1968 – BBC Transcription Service. With the exception of Procol Harum, it is doubtful most people in the U.S. have heard of the rest of...

Senator John F. Kennedy

October 17, 1960 – Senator John F. Kennedy At Wittenburg University, Springfield Ohio – Past Daily Reference Room

Senator John F. Kennedy – Campaign Address at Wittenburg University, Springfield Ohio – October 17, 1960 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Senator John F. Kennedy – 57 years ago today. On the campaign trail for the Presidency, Senator John F. Kenndy speaking before a capacity audience at Wittenburg University...

Eugene Hasenfus

October 17, 1986 – The Hasenfus Affair – The Simmering Cauldron Of Iran-Contra

October 17, 1986 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – October 17, 1986 – A day loaded with intrigue. Former U.S. Attorney Griffin Bell was flying down to Managua in an attempt to fish American pilot Eugene Hasenfus out of a tough spot. The tough spot...