First Lady Nancy Reagan, Cancer Scare

First Lady Nancy Reagan - News from Bethesda wasn't good

October 18, 1987 – The First Lady Faces Cancer – A Trapped Toddler – The World’s Ugliest Tie

First Lady Nancy Reagan, Cancer Scare
First Lady Nancy Reagan – News from Bethesda wasn’t good

October 18, 1987 – ABC World News This Week – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

October 18, 1987 – News for this week was a wild ride of extremes and drama. Starting with news that First Lady Nancy Reagan had undergone tests, and it was discovered what was termed “a suspicious lesion that might represent a malignancy was located in her breast” during a routine breast examination. White House Spokesman Marlin Fitzwater briefed reporters, while the First Lady underwent a biopsy that revealed Cancer was present and that her breast had to be removed. She was on the operating table for 50 minutes and Doctors reported preliminary results showed no evidence of Cancer in the Lymph nodes or the surrounding tissue. They went on to add her vital signs were stable and that there were no plans for follow-up treatment, such as Chemo-therapy or radiation and Fitzwater added there were no plans for any additional surgery including reconstructive surgery.

Meanwhile, the nation’s attention was drawn to the small Texas community of Midland and an 8″ pipe which held an 18-month old Jessica McLure for some 58 hours, trapped 22 feet in an abandoned well. She had been playing with friends at a private Day Care center run by her aunt and 17-year old mother when she slipped and fell down the well pipe. As Rescuers dug to save the little girl, Police lowered cameras and a microphone down the pipe to keep tabs on the little girl. Hours dragged by, but efforts to free her never let up before she was finally lifted out of the well and fought the odds. The story had a happy ending.

The Nobel Prizes were awarded this week. Peace Prize recipient was Costa Rican President Oscar Arias for his work at restoring peace to the Central American region.

And the award for owning the “Ugliest Tie In America” went to Reverend James Conrad of Peru, Illinois. The National Association of Men’s Sportswear Buyers gave Conrad the dubious distinction for what was best described as an “Aqua-Marine Paisley, but the unique ugliness wasn’t in the color of shape but in the silk hairs on the tie”. 10,000 ties were entered in the contest and Conrad took the $500 prize.

A small sample of what went on in the world for the week ending October 18, 1987 as presented by ABC World News This Week.

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