The Fizzbombs

The Fizzbombs - short-lived, but not for trying.

The Fizzbombs In Session – 1987 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Fizzbombs
The Fizzbombs – short-lived, but not for trying.

The Fizzbombs – In Session for Janice Long – June 24, 1987 – BBC Radio 1 –

The Fizzbombs tonight. Another in a long line of bands who came and went in a flash who should have stuck around a bit longer. The Noise-Pop/Noise-Surf band from Edinburgh, went from their inception in 1987 to their break-up in 1989. Enough time to release one ep and two singles. Enough time to cause a stir, but not enough time to get a career going.

Someone remarked that the reason The Fizzbombs didn’t make it was because the playing field of other Noise-Pop/Noise-Surf bands was pretty crowded by the late 1980s and that, if they were to make it, they needed to be several cuts above the immediate competition. Sadly, that wasn’t the case – they truly did sound like many other bands of the period, and although their music is loaded with hooks and turns, it wasn’t distinctive enough to earn them a long-term reputation, or anything more than moderate sales, without label support. And as the industry was changing rapidly, The Fizzbombs needed a solid fanbase and at least a few influential Radio broadcasters and Music journalists on their side.

This session, done for Janice Long at BBC Radio 1 on June 24, 1987, gives a good glimpse of the band, but also gives some idea of why they didn’t scale new heights in the way of popularity.

Another in a long line of bands who had more going for them than first appeared, but who felt the frustration in the long-run. Here is that session, as it was broadcast over the Janice Long Show on at BBC Radio 1 June 24, 1987.

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